Why Learn ASL With Michelle?

I help you go from total beginner, excited and overwhelmed, to intermediate level Champ, ready for any conversation! This course includes all the video lessons, assessments, and extras you need to succeed! There is no need to search the internet for random signs or go crazy looking up grammatical rules! In each pre-recorded lesson, you learn the signs, grammar, and cultural information you need in order to get started signing right away.

  • Pre-recorded lessons taught by skilled teachers with degrees in Education and extensive ASL knowledge

  • Videos available online anywhere, on a mobile friendly platform. Learn at your own pace.

  • LIVE ASL Hangouts help you meet practice partners and make signing friends

  • Earn a Certificate of Completion for each Level you master

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After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Go to Deaf events and interact with confidence

  • Communicate with a loved one that has lost, or is losing their hearing

  • Sign songs you love and share your signing with others

  • Advertise your signing skills as a valuable resource for employment

  • Communicate with Deaf friends and make friends in the Deaf community

  • Continue your studies and enter into an ASL Interpreter Training Program in the future

  • Use your signing in an area of Church ministry, or to reach out to members of your community

  • Teach ASL to your family members

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Get started learning immediately with the plan that best fits your needs and budget!


Owner and Instructor

Michelle Wierman

Michelle became interested in ASL as a young child. She was eager to learn at a time when quality classes for younger students were not available. Through this curiosity and the pursuit of all ASL resources, she met Deaf people and quickly fell in love with the community’s rich history and culture. This inspired her to attend several semesters at Gallaudet University as a visiting student, receive a B.S. in Social Studies Education from NYU, and eventually earn an M.S.Ed in Deaf Education from Western Maryland College, with a concentration in American Sign Language. Michelle worked as a substitute teacher at Lexington School for the Deaf, a tutor in Lexington's dorm, a Teacher's Assistant at Mill Neck School for the Deaf, and a History teacher and Chairperson at "47" The ASL and English Secondary School. Her experience teaching both hearing and deaf students in the same bilingual classroom at “47”, training with the Center for ASL and English Bilingual Education and Research, plus ten years of work as an ASL interpreter, have developed her understanding of various language learner needs.