Why Learn ASL With Michelle?

My self-paced courses offer your child a complete Homeschool American Sign Language curriculum. There is no need for you to search the internet for random signs or go crazy looking up grammatical rules! In each pre-recorded lesson, I teach your child the signs, grammar, and cultural information they need in order to get started signing right away.

  • Pre-recorded lessons taught by skilled teachers with degrees in Education and extensive ASL knowledge

  • Courses available online, on a mobile friendly platform. Your student can learn at their own pace.

  • LIVE ASL Hangouts help your student meet age-peer practice partners and make signing friends

  • Your student will earn a Certificate of Completion for each Level they master

  • Your student will get teacher feedback for every homework assignment, and support at every step of their learning


Owner and Instructor

Michelle Wierman

Michelle became interested in ASL as a young child. She was eager to learn at a time when quality classes for younger students were not available. Through this curiosity and the pursuit of all ASL resources, she met Deaf people and quickly fell in love with the community’s rich history and culture. This inspired her to attend several semesters at Gallaudet University as a visiting student, receive a B.S. in Social Studies Education from NYU, and eventually earn an M.S.Ed in Deaf Education from Western Maryland College, with a concentration in American Sign Language. Michelle worked as a substitute teacher at Lexington School for the Deaf, a tutor in Lexington's dorm, a Teacher's Assistant at Mill Neck School for the Deaf, and a History teacher and Chairperson at "47" The ASL and English Secondary School. Her experience teaching both hearing and deaf students in the same bilingual classroom at “47”, training with the Center for ASL and English Bilingual Education and Research, plus ten years of work as an ASL interpreter, have developed her understanding of various language learner needs.

After completing this course, your child will be able to:

  • Teach ASL to their family members

  • Communicate with a loved one that has lost, or is losing their hearing

  • Sign songs they love and share their signing with others

  • Go to Deaf events and interact with confidence

  • Advertise their signing skills as a valuable resource for employment

  • Communicate with Deaf friends and make friends in the Deaf community

  • Continue their studies and enter into an ASL Interpreter Training Program in the future

  • Use their signing in an area of Church ministry, or to reach out to members of their community


This course includes access to ASL Level 1 and Level 2. Each level covers the content of one year of high school lessons. A student that completes both levels has completed the equivalent of two semesters of college ASL classes.

Students will:

  • Learn how to fingerspell names and words
  • Learn to ask and answer questions
  • Learn to count up to 100
  • Learn to introduce yourself and get to know others
  •  learn how to create your own sentences
  • Learn to talk about activities and share likes and dislikes
  • Learn about the cultural view of Deafness
  • Learn how to express opinions, emotions, and preferences
  • Learn how to talk about the present, past, and future
  • Learn to describe people and places
  • Learn storytelling skills
  • Learn about Deaf cultural norms and traditions
  • Learn to describe things in the space around us
  • Learn to sign about daily routines and activities
  • Learn to discuss and share holidays and celebrations
  • Learn to describe the environment around you
  • Learn about Deaf Arts
  • Learn about Deaf Lit
  • Learn to describe size, height, distance, texture, and pattern
  • Learn to talk about health problems and give advice
  • Learn to ask favors and make requests
  • Learn to have formal and informal conversations
  • Learn to talk about family, origins, ethnicity, and family history
  • Learn some current issues in the Deaf Community

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Teaching your child ASL at home can be easy!

Hello there!

I’m Michelle and I know exactly how it feels to be overwhelmed with the idea of teaching American Sign Language at home.

As a home educator, I know you have a lot of different responsibilities and roles to fulfill.  In my home, I am a wife, mom, teacher, and guidance counselor.  Outside of the home, I am a professional teacher and content creator.  I chose to homeschool because I want to provide my children with the very best opportunities and educational experiences.  I want to help them lead fulfilling and powerful lives.  That is also why I decided to teach them ASL.

Learning a second, or third, language expands the language centers of your brain, helps you to understand and connect with different cultures, and can open the door to valuable job opportunities.  As a Teacher of the Deaf, and a fluent user of ASL, I knew I wanted my children to experience all the benefits of learning American Sign Language right from the beginning.  The problem was, there was very little content out there that was made for school-age children trying to achieve life-long bilingualism in ASL.  I was searching the internet and the library for workbooks, videos, and language learning activities.  What I found was mainly created for toddlers or college students, and definitely not written in a home-educator-friendly way!  

I created this Homeschool ASL Online course with you and your family in mind!  You can give your child the opportunity to learn ASL without scouring the internet or learning ASL first yourself.  With pre-recorded lessons, personalized teacher feedback, and plenty of monthly opportunities to interact with our learning community, your child will learn ASL from language experts that understand the needs of children.  Learning ASL at home has never been easier or more fun!

** Michelle Wierman **

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Parent Reviews:

Parent Review

by Stephanie L.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this class. The teacher covered quite a good amount of communication and made it fun and easy to learn.


Kelli B.

Michelle was very engaging and patient. My daughter was quite shy and reluctant to participate. Michelle was very calm and would ask great questions to get her to respond. I would highly recommend!


Alicia D.

Fun!! Mrs. Michell did an excellent job with songs and teaching the kids signs they were interested in. She answered many questions and listened to what they had to say. My daughter really enjoyed her classes.

Parent Review

Lee N.

This is such a fun class! Especially if your child loves music and singing. The teacher is so delightful, we take multiple classes with her.



Ms. Michelle is very committed to the lessons but in a very fun way. My daughter loves learning with her. Thank you!

Parent Review

Dani B.

The teacher is AMAZING! My learner was shy at first, but was quickly drawn in by Ms. Michelle's fun personality and engaging songs. Ms. Michelle gave great feedback and helped make sure our signs were correct. We can't wait for the next class, and song!


Gemma E.

My daughter and I have been coming to these classes, and they are excellent! Michelle is a top notch teacher, with lots of knowledge, teaching experience, creativity, playfulness, and fun. We both recommend it highly.


Galadriel O.

G. has been taking ASL classes with Michelle for about a year now. Michelle is a great teacher and has really inspired G. to learn about Deaf culture and ASL. Highly recommend!